Welcome To Dynamic Worldz

Current Grid Status - Startup

Planned Outage 15-17 Jan 2020. Grid Wide Upgrade

The helpdesk is currently offline due to testing. Any logged calles will still be delivered

Welcome to the Dynamic Worldz

A virtual OpenSim Grid (hypergridded).

Where the only limitation is your imagination.


* Hypergird enabled for access to thousands of locations.

* Inworld currency supplied by Podex. ( Gloebit regions are also available)

* Partnering marry or partner the love of your life.

* Voice enabled for private or local voice chat.

* NPC enabled on all regions (except free community land)

* Free land available to make your own home.

* Free Mainland and or Gloebit Enabled Shop for all content creators and designers.

* Daily Region Backups backup's are kept for 7 days before being overwritten. Archived backups are kept for

    2 years.

* Own your own region/sim for as little as $5 per month. We are one of the cheapest and most competitive

    grids available.

* Own region restart Region owners can restart their own region

* MESH enabled.

* Basically if you can do it in "Second Life" you can do it here, but with more capability.

*All on high end, high performance, unlimited bandwidth, low load servers for top performance.

Countdown to next grid restart


Future Planned System Maintenance

Mid Month Outage: Wed/Thurs 15th-17th January 2020 from 2am PDT Extended outage due to grid wide upgrade

­Month-End Outage: Friday 31st January  2020 @ 2am - 8am PDT




January 2020

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Trusted and secure

Breaking News !!!

Complete Grid Outage 15th - 17th January 2020.


Please note... due to the length it has taken to update the enormous database, we have decided to startup the grid without upgrading the region servers. We will do this in stages. The main servers have been upgraded.


Limited services available



Wishing all our residents and friends a very Happy New Year