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Welcome to the Dynamic Worldz

A virtual OpenSim Grid (hypergridded). Where the only limitation is your imagination.


Features: * Hypergird enabled for access to thousands of locations. * In world currency with in world top-up via the ATM machines. *Partnering (marry or partner with the love of your life). * Voice enabled (for private or local voice chat). * Free land available (to make your own home). * MESH enabled. * Basically if you can do it in "Second Life" you can do it here, but with more capability. * All servers are on the latest official operating system OS v.


Important Notice :- Planned System Outage: Total System Outage for Save/Backup. 27th September 2016 @ 4:30am PDT for 1 hour has now completed. Thank you everyone, the required downtime has now completed. Region and system saves are still running in the background, which will cause a bit of lag, but the main thing is you can now log back in. For further information please see World News. Sorry for the inconvenience and we assure you of our continued commitment to insure a pleasurable and fun environment for you in Dynamic Worldz.