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Welcome to the Dynamic Worldz

A virtual OpenSim Grid (hypergridded). Where the only limitation is your imagination.



* Hypergird enabled for access to thousands of locations.

* Inworld currency with inworld top-up via the ATM machines, currency withdrawals also available.

*Partnering marry or partner the love of your life.

* Voice enabled for private or local voice chat.

* Free land available to make your own home.

* Own your own region/sim for as little as $4 per month. We are one of the cheapest and most competitive grids available.

* MESH enabled.

* Basically if you can do it in "Second Life" you can do it here, but with more capability.

* All servers are on the latest official operating system OS v. - with DW Dev OS v.0.9.1 available for non commercial areas. All on high end, high performance commercial servers for top performance.


Do you have a great inworld (Dynamic Worldz) picture/photo that you think would make a great splash page background? You do? then speak to Danny Cruise inworld for details.


Updated Product Pages


By request we have added high volume commercial regions to our available packages. Standard regions will now be called Homesteads and high volume, high traffic regions will be called Commercial regions. To see the available packages go to Buy Land.

Full details of each package can be found at the bottom of that page by clicking on the Buy Land icon in the shopping box

Many thanks