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Welcome to the Dynamic Worldz

A virtual OpenSim Grid (hypergridded). Where the only limitation is your imagination.


Features: * Hypergird enabled for access to thousands of locations. * In world currency with in world top-up via the ATM machines. *Partnering (marry or partner with the love of your life). * Voice enabled (for private or local voice chat). * Free land available (to make your own home). * MESH enabled. * Basically if you can do it in "Second Life" you can do it here, but with more capability. * All servers are on the latest official operating system OS v.




22nd August 2016 - We are pleased to say that today we were able to migrate our objects database to a new high performance server. All visitors and residents of this grid should be able to observe a marked improvement on response times, functionality and performance. Please notify us if you have any problems as a result of this upgrade. Happy VR Living! Many thanks DW Support Team