Setting up Singularity

To setup Singularity to connect to Dynamic Worldz, follow these simple steps:

Download and install Singularity if you don't have it already installed.

Create yourself an avatar in Dynamic Worldz if you don't already have one at our Registration page

Open Singularity, but do NOT log into any grids.

Locate and click on the button under the login details section of the page titled "Grid Manager"

From the main body of the menu select "Create"

Type the following URL    Into the "Login URI:" field some versions require the address to be entered as follows

You do not need to fill in any other info, click Refresh Grid URLs (this will populate all necessary fields for you.

Click "Apply"

And you are done! You are now ready to log into Dynamic Worldz

For a more detailed walk though on setting up your viewer CLICK HERE

Having trouble setting up your viewer?

If you are having trouble setting up your viewer or logging into Dynamic Worldz we can help you in real time!

We can even do your browser setup for you using TeamViewer.

For more information start a live chat (bottom right) or setup an appointment if no analyst is available.

We are here to help and to make your virtual dreams come true.

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