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Select the "Buy Now" button below for the product type you wish to purchase. If extended options are available on that product you will then be given the options to customize your purchase.

Once your selection is made click "add to bag", agree to the T's & C's and proceed to checkout. 

For more info on these and other products see grid owner Danny Cruise in world.

Standard Region

Variable Region


Standard Region

Standard Region

A standard region is a "full sim" or private island that is not attached to any estate or mainland. You may buy any number of standard regions and place them side by side to create a larger area (your own estate).

Standard Homestead Regions are build on shared resource servers. With unto 4 regions on any one server.

Max allowed concurrent or simultaneous avatars: Is set to 30 as default but extra bandwidth is available and the max allowed concurrent avatars (users) can be increased to 40. Selection can be made at checkout.

Owner INWORLD region complete restart through viewer issued command.

Standard Region size 256 x 256 (1 x 1) and is available in:-

 All 1X1 Regions share system resources with up to 4  regions on each server.

Default (Standard) with 16 000 prims

Bronze Plus 24 000 Extra Prims

Copper Plus 32 000 Extra Prims

Monthly Tier Fees are:-

The Standard region starts at as little as $5 per month but depending on the extra prims selected from the above list the monthly tier will vary accordingly.

Standard $5.00 per month

Bronze $10 per month

Copper $15 per month

 Further Prim Bolt-On packages may be purchased to further increase your prim allowance should you so choose.

Variable Regions

Build Your Own Variable Regions - Varregion

Variable Regions (Varregion) are similar to private islands or standard regions, but stretched out to cover a greater area. At Dynamic Worldz we offer 2 different sized Variable Regions. If you are considering buying a Variable, please speak to a member of staff or read the wiki page on these types of sims prior to buying. If you are looking for a region larger than 3x3 then it is recommended to put multiple 2x2 regions next to each other to build up the size of the area you are looking for. This way the servers can deliver better handling and performance.

Variables are available in:-

All Variable Regions come with 40 000 prims as standard. Extra prims are available on order. These regions are run on dedicated system core processors per region, dedicated Ram, high performance bandwidth and 1Gbps comms as standard. With upgrades available for super high performance.

Owner INWORLD region complete restart through viewer issued command.

Tucana Class - 512m x 512m (size of four regions side by side). 

Pegasus Class - 768m x 768m (size of nine regions side by side).

Monthly Tier Fees :-

 Starts at $12.00 per month

Extra Prims are available at checkout. Extra Prims will be charged monthly in addition to your land tier fee.

To Let


While it is really cheap to own land in Dynamic Worldz we know that not everyone wants a whole region to play with, so we have a selection of residential and commercial properties, developed and undeveloped, available for you to rent without any rolling contract. Starting from free land to very economically priced themed parcels (see the estate agents offices Downtown, TPs are available at the Welcome Centre).

 Private rentals are also available from land (region) owners.

Free Tiki Islands available!

Free Tropical Islands

To claim your free Tiki island see Danny Cruise in world.